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Truck Wheel Alignment

Looking for the best shop to perform truck alignments? At Woodstock Tire Service, we provide truck alignments to customers in Woodstock, Ingersoll, and London, ON, and surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians are trained to work specifically with medium and heavy trucks and tractor-trailers.

Your truck travels hundreds of miles and endures hundreds of miles of wear. When you need a routine service like a truck alignment performed, why not come to the best, most experienced technicians in the area? Truck alignments are part of basic truck maintenance and need to be performed regularly. We specialize in commercial 3 axle alignments.

Wheel alignments ensure that each wheel on your truck’s axles are straight to reduce rolling resistance. Problems caused by misalignment include excessive tire wear, increased fuel consumption, unsafe vehicle handling, driver fatigue, and premature wear on suspension components.

A Guide to Alignment Angles

Signs of misalignment may be seen in tire wear due to improper toe and tandem axle settings.

  • Toe—measured in inches, millimeters, or degrees—is a critical alignment setting for the steer axle.

  • Total toe is the angle formed by two horizontal lines drawn through the centerline of two corresponding wheels. Toe-in is when these horizontal lines cross at the head of the truck. Toe-out is when these lines intersect in the rear of the truck.

  • Individual toe is the angle formed by a line through one wheel referenced to the thrust line. (Thrust line is the bisector of the total toe angle of an axle and represents the deviation of the rear axle from the centerline of the truck. Thrust angle is the angle between the centerline and the thrust line of an axle and represents the degree of distance the axle points away from the centerline of the truck.) Toe-in is when the horizontal lines intersect in front of the wheel. Toe-out is when the lines intersect behind the wheel. Toe-in will wear the outside of the tire while toe-out will wear the inside of the tire.

  • Tandem scrub angle is the angle formed by the two thrust lines of the tandem axle truck. The steer axle must be turned to offset the push of the axles and keep the tires rolling straight. Misalignment causes the tandem axles to work against each other, which inevitably leads to tire wear.

  • On tractor trailers, if the trailer does not track straight, the truck will experience increased rolling and wind resistance—symptoms that contribute to poor handling and fuel economy.

Truck Alignments at Woodstock Tire Service

If you experience any of the above symptoms, visit us for a truck alignment. Our alignment procedure consists of a total alignment to ensure all axles are parallel.

    • Electronic sensors are mounted on the steer axle and the tandem axles.

    • The rear axle is measured to determine the thrust angle and aligned to centerline.

    • The steer axle is aligned to the rear axle, or the reference axle.

    • Sensors are moved from the front axle to the second rear axle, which is aligned to the steer axle, or the reference axle.

Woodstock Tire Service is capable of aligning Commercial Trucks and Multi-Axle Trailers in all configurations including Trailer Steering Axles. Call today to set up an appointment.

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